Rise BC what we do


At Rise Business Coaching, we do things differently. We deliver key actions to create tangible results. Each move you make is carefully calculated and drives higher profits and greater success in business. Our service is proactive. We think outside the box. We love to coach individuals who want to help themselves. We inspire. We lead by example. And we love to work with motivated people.

We believe there is always room for growth, learning and education, and in 2016, we noticed there was a gap in the market offering. Business owners lacked the support they required to thrive. Education models were cumbersome and time consuming. Entrepreneurs were so busy in meeting their daily grind they couldn’t evolve.

Often, the entrepreneur and business owner feels isolated. They carry a heavy load, and often think they are walking their path alone. As leaders, there is an overwhelming sense that they need to have all the answers to all the questions, all of the time. And with this, they find all areas of their life stressful.

Our programs flips the coin on such thinking. We offer a key to a supportive community, a positive and like-minded sounding board. At the helm, your business coach is like having a silent partner where you can speak freely
and transparently about the challenges, opportunities and solutions you face
in business.

Discover the value in support, the power of community, and the real–time process to transform your business. Apply to join our Rise Action Club today or connect with us to discuss the program options on 1300 651 493.


Brian Higazi is a dynamic and engaging business coach and consultant. He is the FOUNDER of Rise Business Coaching. Brian is first and foremost passionate about empowering others with his extensive knowledge and unique insight gained over 25 years in financial services.

Brian demonstrates the power of his message in his own life, successfully building his own business since the age of 26. He understands the drive, passion and expertise that business owners require to not only survive but thrive in business, and appreciates the importance of solid foundations from which great things grow.

In conversation and connection, Brian is warm, generous and deeply devoted to his role in empowering others. This energy is apparent in the number of contacts and word-of-mouth referrals who continue to take up his expanding offering and engage across multiple platforms.

Brian’s experience extends to working with large corporations such as PwC. Personal accolades include numerous awards in financial services and the coaching industry for his high level of customer service and advice.

His dynamic approach and palpable positivity has motivated thousands of business owners and their respective businesses to reach new heights across all areas of their business. In such cases, Brian has been the first to congratulate them on their success.