The Secret of Staying Motivated

What Drives Motivation? is often a question or topic of conversation not just with my clients or colleagues but also with my 2 young children. I would love to share some information with you so….

Are you ready for the secret to staying motivated? It might sound simple but here it is… feel good about the actions and behaviours that you undertake on a daily basis…stay Positive. Sounds like a cliché???

The No. 1 reason why people fail in business or have difficulty achieving their goals is a lack of Positive feelings, actions and direction. Stop focusing on the negative. As a society, we spend too much of our valuable time focusing on negative behaviour, therefore positive momentum ceases. Feeling positive will drive motivation and action. Say this very simple sentence each day “Today, I will make things happen and feel good”.

Choose your path, set your goals, stay positive and ride the wave to success.

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