opportunity claw hand

Opportunity in the Claw Hand

Realistically, stereotypes are a part of everyday life. Lately I have heard many surrounding our generation of ‘millennials’. The one that sticks out most is that generations “sense of entitlement”. That they were raised in a “spoilt” environment and perhaps with an inherent drive of expectations.

Maybe this is true, but it’s important not to overlook “Millennials” and young people as potential employees or successful business people. The other stereotypes about millennials can often work to our advantage:

  • “Always on their phone” – this means they are “always contactable”, which is great for those using their services.
  • They grew up in the Information Age – they know how to use technology to their advantage.
  • They are great at solving problems creatively and through the use of modern strategies.
  • They know their way around Social Media which is the go-to place for successful digital marketing.

Regardless of the generational gap, at some stage we will all be working with various individuals in business so promoting each and everyone’s strengths will help to keep everything running smoothly.

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