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How to Promote Healthy Competition

As a business leader, you want to encourage healthy competition amongst your team. When it is encouraged in a positive way, it can make your team more creative and productive.

There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to do this. You need to balance this out to ensure that the natural intensity of competitiveness does not lead to bitterness or rivalry amongst the team. This is a situation to avoid.

So, what are some initiatives that we can introduce that encourages a healthy competitive work environment?

  1. Educate your team and set stretch goals. Your team should not be encouraged to only compete against each other, but rather compete against their own previous efforts. By setting higher goals they can compete against and improve their own performance and productivity.
  2. Always give performance feedback. Our teams need to know when they are performing well and when they are not quite hitting the mark.
  3. Make sure your expectations are clearly communicated to the team. Don’t fall in the “Disappointment Gap” trap.
  4. Implement an effective reward system for outstanding performers in a set period.

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